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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Normski-in-Camden: The Posterous Google Buss message

Posterous, very neat layout and a very good way of sharing information. This is a little experiment. That I am trying through posting on Posterous. I call the experiment The Posterous triple Google Buzz message. You can try it after reading this too if you like. This isn't some plan I've learnt from opting in at the auto responders squeeze page or anything similar. This is just me practising with new media. I say its the first analytic test I have done for a while on the net, so by singling out Posterous I think you can safely assume this is good right? If you reading this on Google Buzz then hey presto whilst your buzzin why not do the same. Simply log into your Posterous account (Usually through the Facebook link right?) and eat two muffins in one basket (ode to the Ponzio scheme I play on Facebook). Without fiurther ado I get on with the experiment ok, good.

So here's the drill- firstly through Posterous the new feature sends you back to your e-mail of choice, in-order to complete the recipe you will have to do this from Posterous's end to initiate the experiment. At the e-mail tab pick G-mail, it asks you to log in and gives you the address to post on Posterous. From here you can start typing like me now, chuckle simple right. Ok well here's my cunning plan, I in my e-mail and the link for Google Buzz is just below the inbox right and if your already following me on Google Buzz then you are already following my Buzz messages, perhaps your even in the Google Waves team. If you are in Google Waves and still waiting for a reason to Wave I will post about that another day, maybe even extend this little ol experiment.

So What's the plan well the plan is simple in this post I will provide a Posterous link to my Posterous page. I will also provide a link to my Google buzz page, I will copy this message from the direct e-mail initiated by Posterous into a Google Buzz post. Therefore bringing two groovy platforms together. If I'm not mistaken I will not have to copy and paste into Tumblr because this message from Posterous should also be posted there but if not I will add that manually to by copying and pasting this original message there. Likewise I shall copy definetely now that I think about it into Yet another early posting imaging system similar to Tumblr.

OK here are the links please add me here if you like the sound of this little experiment to widen your media reach. In-fact you may not have heard of one of these platforms and therefore want to join them to, there all wicked right?



Google Buzz

Google Waves (Email me and I send you an invite to Google Waves) just label the e-mail Google Waves or something like this ok.

and for good measure


OK Here goes, if it goes well I shall share my analytic results of this and a few other posts after these little experiment, although I am confident it will do something so maybe you can try the same thing to now. Please can you do me a favour if you do retry this experiment I would be grateful if you could retweet or rebuzz or re soup and re tumblr at least some links back to wherever you discovered this experiment please.

Yours sincerely,
Robert Bridge.

P.S. A little extra tip, add some friends whilst sending it out to to the email.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Normski post & OM Records | blogs link

William Norm ski has a similar name to house party and photography Normki of Normski house party. He has recently noticed the ting about Google voices. Now in-order for this blog to give Norm ski a voice then we will have to find a little bit more about his baxkground. You maybe even interested at what phone people should be using. Well this is not a review about phones, because this is about Normski, even though the past few posts (due to the Michael Jackson incident) there has not been much new news about what is happening in the world of Norman Anderson however keep posted and I shall get onto it very soon.OM Records | blogs

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Androids spotted in Camden

They have landed, or something. Two Androids spotted possibly laying out scaffolding in Camden. You can see from the picture what I mean. I thought this was a nice picture, so I posted it here on Normski tribute page. About two or three years ago just around the corner from where this photograph was taken Norman Anderson had his exhibition. If you scroll down past the ads you'll see a video of Norman outside his photography exhibition.

Camden is a good place for shopping. It is very cosmopolitan and amny stars like to be seen there including Kate Winslet, models like Kate Moss made adverts near the Camden market to advertise the London Look, remember?

Androids in Camden. on Twitpic

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Footage from 90's Dance Energy

Spiral tribe were a rave outfit that travelled the country doing illegal raves. Normski and his crew went out and interviewed Spiral Tribe members in Rotterdam.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Michael Jackson Remixes

Michael Jackson Remixes Akon Expires by robwindow

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